Love my Ambient carbon fiber Boom.

In 1995 I stumbled into the broadcast industry as a camera operator at a small TV station in west Texas.  Loved it so much, I’ve stuck around for over 20 years.


Didn’t take me long to learn that if something can go wrong it likely will.  The real test is how you handle it.  Working 6 years in a small town television station gave me great opportunities to mess things up, fix it, and keep on learning.  In 2001, we moved to Dallas and bought my first sound rig doing mostly documentaries and doc style shows.  Four years later, my first reality show, and a big move to recordist in 2005.  My first Indie films and commercial work started in ’08.  Having experienced the entire gamut of electronic field production from behind a sound rig, I know exactly how to build the right rig that’s tailored perfectly for your production.  I don’t care If it’s 6 cameras and 12 talent on one end, or 20 producers or agency reps on the other.


Searching for Sonny

An Acrid Yarn

My Big Redneck Family


Commercial Spots

Texas Nissan

American Airlines:  

Hasbro:  Dude Perfect

Mary Kay:  

Nike: VLT

Rold Gold:  

Dallas Cowboys:  Stand Up!

TIGI:  Nastia

Jimmy Johnston:  PSA

Safety Clean:  First Wave





Hewlette Packard

Marky Kay

Playworks: Sustainability


Unscripted Reality

Most Eligible Dallas ~ Bravo ~ Pink Sneakers

Master Blasters ~ SyFi ~  

The Box ~ TBA

My First Sale ~ HGTV ~ High Noon

Extreme Waterparks ~ Travel ~ HN

Caged ~ MTV ~Joke Productions

Big Rich Texas ~ Style ~ Fly on the Wall

Changing My Religion ~MTV ~ Lovable Scoundrels

Shipping Wars ~ A&E ~ Megalomedia

Ultimate Biker Challenge ~ TNT ~ Pilgrim Studios

Bullionaires ~History ~ Megalomedia

Building off the Grid AK ~ DIY ~ Orion

Treehouse Guys ~ DIY ~Orion

Celebrity Motorhomes ~ ESPN ~ Channel 8 Ent.

My Big Redneck Vacation ~ CMT ~ Pink Sneakers

Making the Team ~ CMT ~

My First Place ~ HGTV ~High Noon

Sliced ~ History ~ Powderhouse Productions

Killer Foods ~ TBA

Fast N’ Loud - Discovery

Storage Wars Texas ~ A&E ~ Original Productions

My Big Redneck Family ~ CMT ~ PS

Building Alaska ~ DIY ~ Orion

Dude Perfect ~ CMT ~ Purple Shark Productions

War on Wheels ~ TBA

Courtney Loves Dallas ~ Bravo ~ PS

Texas Flip N’ Move ~ DIY

Street Outlaws ~ Discovery ~ Pilgrim

Pitbulls and Parolees ~ Animal Planet

Whitney has a Baby ~ Style ~ Fly on the Wall

Partriot Paws ~ TBD ~ Nuriya

My 600 lb. Life ~ TLC ~ Megalomedia

Arranged ~ FYI ~ EQI Worldwide

Suddenly Rich ~ TLC ~ Sharp Ent.

Frankenfood ~ Spike ~ Sharp Ent.

American Hoggers ~ A&E ~ Pilgrim

Doc Style

Monsters and Mysteries

Forensic Files

Happily Never After

FBI Files

Popular Romance Project

For the Bible Tells Me So

Lube Job:  How Louisiana Got Screwed by Big Oil

Stuff ~ NOVA

McVeigh Tapes ~ CNBC

The Glee Project

Wiked Attraction

Project Redlight ~ MSNBC ~M2 Pictures

Wounded Warrior Project

I’ve worked with professional actors, sport celebrities, reality stars, film makers, sport broadcasters, national news correspondents, commercial directors, unscripted, news magazines, documentaries, corporate clientele, and a few others I can’t hardly remember.  I can be anywhere, and cover anything… like a ninja.

Slacks available by special request with 48 hours notice!