When I started out the old timers told me “You’ve gotta know your gear inside and out”…

The gear, is what I know best.


In house boom microphones include only the best names.  Schoeps, Nuemann, Sanken the o'l standard Sennheisser 416.  Lavaliere’s (Lavs) include Sanken, Tram and Countryman.  Mixers and recorders are all Sound Devices mixers and recorders.

Glen is familiar with all American made hi-end brands of wireless transmission.  Zaxcom digital, Lectrosonics analog & digital hybrid systems, and even the Sennheisser Wireless "pro" and prosumer lines.  There are 16 Lectrosonics units available on location, more with prior notice.  On any given day, expect a full compliment of connecters and mounts for whatever or whenever needed on site at a moments notice.


    •    Sound Devices 664 w/CL6 Expansion, 16 Channel Recording

    •    Sound Devices 442 Portable Field Mixer

    •    Sound Devices 302 Portable Field Mixer

    •    Sound Devices 744T, four track recorder

    •    Sound Devices MM1, one channel signal booster, monitor


Boom Microphones

    •    Schoeps MK41 w/CMC6 Power Adapter

    •    Sanken CS-3e short shotgun

    •    Sanken CS-1 super short shotgun (2)

    •    Sennheisser 416

    •    K-Tek and Rycote suspension and protection systems

    •    Sanken CUB Boundary Microphone (2)

    •    Ambient boom pole

    •    Cinela Osix Shockmount

Wireless Microphones

    •    Lectrosonics 411 Receivers (4)

    •    Lectrosonics 400 Transmitters (2)

    •    Lectrosonics SM, or SMV Transmitters (10)

    •    Zaxcom Stereo Hops (2)

    •    Lectrosonics "IFB" Transmitters (2)

    •    Lectrosonics "IFB" In Ear Monitors (7)

    •    Sanken COS-11s (20)


Also Available

    •    PSC Sound Cart

    •    Denecke "Smart" Slate

    •    Ambient Timecode Lockit system

    •    Movie Slate, with timecode and logging plugins

Like the honey badger, Turkey don’t care whether your shooting to tape, or media.  Expect the right signal to noise ratio consistently delivered day in and day out.  We have hands on experience with all modern formats and cameras.  Prior experience includes Arri, BlackMagic, Canon (5D, 300, 100) RED (Epic, Scarlet, One) Panasonic (Varicam, 900, 3100, 2700) Sony (F55, F5, F3) and many more.