“Got Your Ears On Turkey?”

“Got Your Ears On Turkey?”


More like “got’chr ears on Turkey?”… That’s how the call came through to the “Texas Turkey” back in the glory days of the CB Radio.  It was my old man’s radio, and those magical airwaves kindled my love for audio and electronics.  These days “Little Turkey” collect lots of audio toys and convinces people to pay for high quality Production Audio Mixing & Recording as a Sound Supervisor based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Glen “Turkey” Ackers is a professional, freelance production sound mixer, recordist and boompole operator based in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.

20 years of amazing experience including dialogue for films, reality shows, unscripted, scripted, live, corporate, multi-cam magazine programs and documentaries.   Skills so hot and brilliantly rounded that Murphy’s Law won’t ever get a leg up on your production sound needs, just long as the Turkey is around!  Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas & all of Texas are within driving distance; any location worldwide is within reach.

When you need it well done, make a Turkey call.